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07 Jul How mobile apps can help field service staff generate more revenues

Business applications are already replacing certain cumbersome paper processes in many companies. Software and data are migrated to the cloud, thereby giving employees secure access to their corporate data at any time on any device. By shifting from paperwork at the office desk to digital processes on mobile devices, sales and service staff can get real-time access to any corporate data on the go. It empowers them to be more responsive to their clients’ needs and make better informed business decisions.

With mobile technology at their disposal, each person in the workforce becomes a powerful customer contact, fully capable of delivering the customized and timely service the clients expect.

Field service staff need to access critical information while traveling from one job site to the next, so they can answer customers’ questions and satisfy demands quickly (work orders, product availability, work history, customer account, etc.).

The perfect mobile app allows the service staff to redefine work processes, simplify internal and external communication and improve the efficiency of their day-to-day operations. It allows mobile workers to access information as well as capture photos, videos and signatures while in the field. Supervisors use the app to allocate tasks to the most appropriate employee based on the employee’s availability, location and skills. If the field technician accepts a task, the app’s navigation tool can help them find the fastest route to the job location, thereby reducing travel time.


Nomalys’ geolocation feature

Technicians, additional salesforce?

Yet, while a mobile app can improve field work efficiency and cut costs, there is something bigger organizations can learn from using these types of solutions. Every customer interaction is a sales opportunity and field service staff can become additional sales reps in the field for their companies.

Mobile apps can include information on companies’ products (photos, specificities, inventory, etc.) and the customers’ history (contacts, products ordered, claims, invoices, etc.). Therefore, these apps give the field service staff the means not only to deal with any technical issues, but also to answer clients’ inquiries about the company’s products or services. They can suggest a product or service upgrade (or replacement) and then instantly create a task to schedule a meeting with a sales rep. For certain specific products and services, field service staff can even provide quotes on site (including specific discounts) and obtain approvals using e-signatures. Additional work can be carried out or new equipment installed while on site, or immediately scheduled for a later date.

Consequently, the benefits of these mobile apps can be seen at all levels. The fact that field service staff can be part of the sales process increases customer satisfaction, and because the staff can detect new business opportunities and organize meetings with sales reps, this results in increased sales and revenues for the company.


Nomalys offers the only available tool on the market to access and manage customer information from several data sources (CRM, ERP, Stock, etc.) for any type of employee in the field (sales, technician, service, etc.). To learn more about how Nomalys can help you understand and reach your customers, test our mobile app (iOS, Android & Blackberry) or request a free demo.

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