Nomalys for Healthcare : the mobile app dedicated to mHealth
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What is Nomalys Healthcare ?

Nomalys Healthcare is the solution to the new challenges which healthcare professionals are facing, whether they are from the private or public sector. Our mission is to support their digital transformation in order to improve prevention, coordination and the quality and continuity of care whilst achieving economies of scale.

11,5 M

economized through mHealth


of medical staff would like easier access to medical records


of hospitals increase efficiency by collecting patient data using mobile devices

Our mission

Nomalys Healthcare is a platform which enables different data sources to interoperate. The data sources are essentially the information systems from public and private healthcare institutions.  The aim is to provide an intuitive and unified view of patient data in order to streamline and optimize the course of treatment. By being better informed about patients’ background and history, doctors, nurses and care-givers can make the right decisions faster and more easily in order to ensure that optimal quality care is provided efficiently.

Health Law dated January 2016

Nomalys Healthcare addresses the digital transformation of the future Regional Hospital Groups (RHG) particularly in France, in line with the health law of January 2016. In this context, the information systems of the different healthcare institutions grouped together in the RHG must provide all hospital staff with simple, effective and unified access to the Electronic Patient Record (EPR). This unique and shared EPR must be operational by 2020. The aim is to improve prevention, coordination and the quality and continuity of healthcare treatment whilst achieving economies of scale.

Nomalys is positioned as a solution for the interoperability of various software used for the healthcare institutions’ information systems. The technology behind Nomalys Healthcare and its intuitive interface, facilitates, streamlines and unifies access to EPRs and improves the visibility of the information on any device (smartphones, tablets, PC).

How does it work ?

Nomalys interconnects the different sources of data coming from the RHG healthcare institutions’ information systems. Then, its unique technology aggregates patient data by using the National Health Identifier (NHI). The aim is to provide a unified view of patients’ records on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

mHealth challenges

Simple access to patient data

Nomalys facilitates access and sharing of medical records in real time

Mobile solutions for healthcare professionals

The remote monitoring of patients is simplified with Nomalys

Improved risk prevention

Through a 360-degree view of patient data

Our strengths

Solution available off the shelf

Your turnkey solution, ready to accompany you

A 360-degree and chronological view of the EPR

L'information patient au bout des doigts

Works both online and offline

No network issues

Read and write mode

Read and add content, without double input

Multiple data sources

To interconnect all your health software

Multiple OS (Apple, Android, Windows)

Nomalys is available on any smartphone and any OS

Orange logo partenaire Nomalys

This offer is currently developed in partnership with Orange Business Services.

We are now deploying the solution in several hospitals.


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