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22 Jul Mobility: Is security more important than user experience?

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have always been considered a data security risk, particularly in the more regulated sectors such as banking or the health industry. The risk is all the more important since any leak of information could seriously tarnish a company’s reputation and lead to large fines and a loss of compliance.

It has been proven, however, that there are numerous and important advantages of having mobile access to company data: it increases the productivity of the sales team in the field, boosts sales targets, improves customer satisfaction, etc. But security can quickly curb employees’ adoption of mobile applications due to the high latency, connectivity problems, multiple passwords, etc.

Businesses have realized that they need to reconsider their approach to IT security. We’re not just talking about “limiting and controlling” but also about “facilitating and boosting” business by offering a new user experience on mobile devices.

Indeed, according to a study commissioned by CA Technologies and conducted by Vanson Bourne, data protection is the priority for over half of respondents (54%), but new priorities are emerging. Improving user experience on mobile devices is considered as the second priority for 41% of respondents.

In reality, security and user experience should not be mutually exclusive. Businesses should favor technologies that stimulate company growth, whilst recognizing the growing need to protect against data breaches.

Nicolas Massé, Head Consultant at CA Technologies says “We must change our traditional approach to security. Securing applications is perfectly compatible with innovative projects. Above all, it’s important to understand that security policies (strong authentication, BYOID, API, etc…) have an impact on user experience».

An intuitive mobile application does not necessarily mean danger. The IT security teams should therefore involve the business teams when choosing their application, so that security means pleasure and simplicity.

Nomalys’ main priority is to offer an intuitive solution without sacrificing security. Nomalys offers the only mobile tool available on the market which any employee in the field can use to access and manage customer data from multiple data sources (CRM, ERP, Stock, etc.).

For more information about Nomalys, test our mobile application (iOS, Android & Blackberry) or request a free demonstration.

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