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16 Jun How to get a true 360-degree customer view?

Today, it’s important for marketing and sales teams to have access to a single, accurate, holistic view of their customers and prospects, in order to understand and reach them the most effectively. Relationships with customers can only work if you understand who they are, what they value, what they want to buy, and how they prefer to interact with the company.

All marketing, sales, service and support efforts are driven by in-depth knowledge of customer characteristics, preferences, needs, usage and purchase history at each stage of the customer life cycle. And by thoroughly understanding customers, companies can create new sales opportunities.

Fortunately, the amount of data stored by companies nowadays has increased greatly due to the emergence of new touch points between customers and businesses: web, social media, mobile, etc. But it takes skills to effectively manage all the data generated by these interactions.

The 360-degree Customer View

The 360-degree customer view is the idea that companies can get a comprehensive view of their customers and prospects at a glance. How? By aggregating data from those various touch points.

But this information can be stored in various databases generated by different software (CRM, ERP, BI, social media listening tools, predictive analytics tools, marketing automation software, etc.) depending on who, within the organization, is in contact with the customer (marketing, sales, accounting, support, field service, etc.).

And these various data sources can make the task of aggregating data more difficult to achieve. Ultimately, the 360-degree customer view is about more than just “BIG DATA”; it is about being able to assemble all the pieces of data that are relevant to each customer and each sales opportunity.

So, it has become increasingly important for companies to think about implementing a tool that can be integrated with several platforms to enable data sharing and provide an up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive view of customers to ultimately increase the business.

But once again, how?

The Mind-Map Visualization

Although, the other main aim of the 360-degree view is to offer a single access point to visualize the customer data, when discussing this idea, people debate about how to integrate the content, but few talk about the content visualization itself. How can a company have a 360-degree view of their customers if they need to click on several tabs to get a comprehensive view? They should consider a mind-mapping user interface!

« Mind-mapping is a visual method of organizing and capturing information. It is based on a circular format, with relevant topics branching off a central theme. Each branch can be broken down into sub-branches that link to related information. » (Source: CNBC)

Mind-mapping is surely the only way to truly implement the concept of a 360-degree customer view and offer a single and comprehensive customer overview.

If you agree with this, then you should definitely take a look at Nomalys!

Nomalys offers the only available tool on the market to access and manage customer information on computers and mobile devices using mind-mapping visualization. By using our patented technology, sales people get a 360-degree comprehensive view of their customers and prospects as never before.

To learn more about how Nomalys can help you understand and reach your customers, test our mobile app (iOS, Android and Blackberry) or request a free demo.

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