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28 Apr 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Custom-Build Your Mobile CRM App

So you’re thinking of implementing a Mobile CRM App… That’s a great idea since as you may know productivity increases by 14.6% when sales reps have mobile access to their CRM (Nucleus Research).

If you’re thinking of building your own Mobile CRM app then this article is definitely for you. Here are the 5 main reasons why you should not custom-build your Mobile CRM App.

  1. Time

It takes a lot of time to build a customized project. If you need to launch your mobile CRM app within the next few months, engaging yourself and your entire company in a custom development cycle is just a waste of time and resources. You will start with several meetings to analyze and specify your exact requirements and only then you will begin to design the app. It might even be differed for a few months due to fast-paced markets we live in.

With a ready-made CRM mobile app, you can start using it in a few weeks or even days since you won’t need to focus on app development but only on sales processes in the field.

  1. Cost

One important aspect for any mobile CRM app is your provider. They will be able to share their experience and offer a mobile CRM app that will become a business-booster for your company.

Custom-built mobile app vendors mainly focus on features rather than user experience and sales processes in the field. The more features you want, the longer it takes to develop the app and the more you pay and of course the happier the vendor is.

  1. User Experience

In my opinion, user experience is the main reason why you should not custom-build your mobile CRM app. User experience is the key factor of user adoption and engagement. Mobile CRM app vendors are experts in mobile usage and interfaces. You should not have to struggle to find the information you are looking for. You should not have to click 10 times, to be connected (online) or carry a big tablet to actually be able to access and read the information.

This is also the reason why you should not choose to use your CRM provider’s mobile app (if it is not a house-made CRM). Most CRM providers just develop a copy of their software on mobile devices without focusing on user experience at all.

  1. Integration

You have a CRM and also an ERP and you are thinking of buying BI software. Certain mobile CRM app vendors are capable of connecting several data sources, but if your CRM is custom-built, you would have to hire a developer (or the same company that initially developed it for you) to create connectors to your new software from scratch.

  1. Update

If you choose to custom-build your mobile CRM app, you will not get continuous updates for your mobile OS (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.) or business processes on the go (ex: geolocation, electronic signature, social networks interactions, etc.). Conversely, mobile CRM app vendors add free automatic updates according to the market and clients’ needs.

So with custom-built mobile CRM apps you would waste time trying to find solutions for updates rather than focusing on your business and you still wouldn’t have the same quality service as that provided by the industry experts.


Custom-Building your own mobile CRM app can be tempting. You’re assuming that no provider’s solutions will fit your business processes as perfectly as your own app. You’re wrong! Mobile CRM vendors focus on user experience and business processes to provide you with a mobile app that fits your needs on the go so that you won‘t have frustrated sales reps that hate their mobile CRM app.

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