Customer case Solmur - Nomalys
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Solmur improves its customer knowledge with Nomalys

About Solmur

The company Solmur has 150 employees in 18 agencies. Their job is to sell finishes and products to embellish buildings to construction professionals (artisans, architects and interior designers and specifiers builders ...).

The collaboration

In partnership with Orange Business Services, the Nomalys mobile app was selected by SOLMUR to boost the effectiveness of its sales force on the go. This collaboration enables SOLMUR's sales team to adopt new ways of working in the field by accessing intuitively and securely the information contained in the Oracle database on any smartphone and tablet.

Get precise information in the field

Solution goals

Choosing Nomalys, Solmur' goals were to push information in the field, increase customer knowledge and optimize salesrep trips.



“We wanted to provide the team with a solution which would give them an access to our customer information. We found in Nomalys’ solution a simple way to receive, collect and edit information in the field. We are clearly satisfied of this mobile app and recommend it!”



Chief Technology Officer

“We can use this solution to our sales team. Whilst the salesrep is at the customer’s, he can find all the information he needs : contacts, orders, stocks… The graphical and fun aspect of Nomalys’ application made the difference.”

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