Customer case CreditSafe - Nomalys
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CreditSafe takes a step ahead with Nomalys!

About CreditSafe

Creditsafe is the most globally used corporate data provider. The group is based in Europe and United States. Through CreditSafe, companies can verify the solvency of other actors. In the world, 10 reports are downloaded every second.

The collaboration between CreditSafe and Nomalys

CreditSafe needed to adapt their services to the new mobile usage trends, to serve their customers even better and facilitate the companies’ decision making.

CreditSafe by Nomalys mobile application

Solution goals

CreditSafe chose Nomalys to make its rich database accessible in mobility. The aim was also to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing an intuitive and ergonomic application called CreditSafe powered by Nomalys. This strong partnership was set up in April 2014.


CEO France

« Using a tool which will soon become essential, from now on our clients can manage their customer receivables in real time, wherever they are, with greater reactivity and unrivalled efficiency. »


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