Customer case Chronopost - Nomalys
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Nomalys for Salesforce: A must have!

About Chronopost

Chronopost is a subsidiary of La Poste, a French group specialized in the express delivery of packages and documents to businesses and individuals.

The collaboration

The collaboration between Chronopost & Nomalys aimed to give the sales team a mobile access to thein customer information on Salesforce CRM.

Boost the use of Salesforce CRM

Solution goals

Chronopost' goals were to increase business agility, optimize field prospection and boost CRM user engagement and adoption.


Global Sales Process Director

“Nomalys for Salesforce est exactement l’application dont nos commerciaux avaient besoin ! Notre CRM étant très riche, Nomalys nous permet aussi de mettre en valeur certaines informations plus importantes que d’autres en vue d’optimiser nos actions sur le terrain.”



Directeur Adjoint Support aux ventes

“We have been using Nomalys mobile app for almost 3 years and Chronopost salesrep are convinced of the positive impact in the field. We are very pleased to collaborate with Nomalys’ teams!”

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