Secure and stress-free : Nomalys doesn’t collect any of your data
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Access your data securely

Nomalys’ technology is the result of work in close collaboration between the best engineers and the best French research centers. Security is one of the key points of the Nomalys mobile app. We have applied the highest standards. Nomalys’ technology is hosted on servers with safety standards which are among the highest in the world. Furthermore, Nomalys doesn’t stock or duplicate your data. Information is sent back and forth, real time and on the fly between your mobile devices and your business software. Your data transits through our servers just long enough to be aggregated and then it is pushed to your devices. Once this is done we delete the data.

The security of your data is essential

Your data is protected

We don’t install anything on our customers’ sites. We don’t duplicate their data bases or stock or index them.

Encrypted communications

All communications are encrypted (Https, VPN, MPLS). Furthermore, none of the data that transits through the Nomalys servers is saved. Once the data is analyzed, transformed and pushed to the mobile device, it is deleted from our servers.

One mobile device per user

Each user has a unique ID (username and password) to connect to their information system on a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android and Blackberry) or PC (option). By default, a user is authorized to use one single mobile device.

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