Apple, Android, Windows 10 : Nomalys is everywhere !
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An app which works on any mobile device

Nomalys is a generic, mobile, turnkey app developed in the native language for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Native, responsive, native, responsive… You are torn between choosing the simplest option to develop the app and wanting to provide your users with a mobile app which is powerful and enjoyable to use. With the Nomalys mobile app you don’t need to choose !

Nomalys, application mobile pour tout smartphone et tout OS

Smartphone, tablet or PC

Any mobile device !

This mobile app is compatible with any mobile device.

Optimum performance

Nomalys handles everything to ensure that you have a powerful and reliable app: updates, upgrades, maintenance.

A unique user experience

With an intuitive and fun display inspired by video games.

Download the app on the store on your mobile device

Télécharger l'application Nomalys sur le play store
Télécharger l'application Nomalys sur l'app store
Télécharger l'application Nomalys sur le windows store

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