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Connect Nomalys to all business software

Whether you have a CRM or ERP, developed by a software company or in-house, Nomalys connects to all your business software simply and without moderation. We use very common connector/web service/API solutions to do this. The only requirement is that your CRM or ERP must be a source of structured data and accessible on the web. That way we can interconnect with the Nomalys mobile app and configure it using the metadata from your software.

You have a CRM, ERP, DMS, or databases that were developed in-house ?

Connects why any system

Since Nomalys was established, we have created over 75 different connectors to your systems. Connectors to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or Firebird, but also to most CRM, ERP, DMS and CAMM.

Simple implementation

It only takes a few hours to connect Nomalys to all your databases.

Agile and scalable plateform

Setting up Nomalys is child’s play! Simply configure it according to your requirements.


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