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Efficiency in online and offline mode

Using Nomalys, internet and data connectivity are no longer an issue since the app works both online and offline. Today, despite our high quality telecom networks, everybody has at some time or another found themselves totally disconnected from the network or with only a bar of Edge connectivity. Even in urban areas ! Frustrating isn’t it ? Especially when you are with your customer who is asking you THE question which you weren’t prepared for.

Online and offline mode

Work anywhere

View your customer data, create and edit visit reports, contacts, leads … without losing your work and without double entries.

Efficiency and serenity

Whatever happens, you will always have your customer data on hand.

Offline performance

Find new customers, sign new deals, bring in turnover whether you are online or offline.

The features explained

They are talking about it

Témoignage clients et partenaires Nomalys


Founder & CEO – BIME

Using a tool which will soon become essential, from now on our clients can manage their customer receivables in real time, wherever they are, with greater reactivity and unrivalled efficiency.


Dirigeant – CreditSafe

The Nomalys for Salesforce application is incredibly simple. I am constantly on the field and often abroad, I have a vital need to stay connected to customers and teams. Nomalys gives me flexibility, simplicity and efficiency. 

Try it and love it!

Témoignage clients et partenaires Nomalys

Connectivity isn’t your problem.

Nomalys, is your ally in mobility.

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