Expand your sales with the geolocation feature on Nomalys !
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Expand your sales by geolocating your customers

By using the intelligent and contextualized geolocation feature, your sales team can stay focused on the closest business opportunity and in doing so, maximize each tour. Did you know that each time a sales person stops off somewhere, it is equivalent to the company spending 400 € ? Time is money ! Give your sales representatives the means to optimize their travel using the intelligent geolocation feature on the Nomalys mobile app. If your appointment is cancelled, postponed or shortened, it’s not a problem with Nomalys, you simply seize the next opportunity !

Booster les ventes avec la géolocalisation des clients

Optimize your prospection

Visualise your customers and leads

Color codes to distinguish customers, leads and suspects.

Optimise your trips

By calculating in real time the shortest and most effective route.

Expand sales

Geolocate the nearest opportunity in just a click.

The features explained

They are talking about it

Témoignage clients et partenaires Nomalys

Stéphane DUPONT

Sales Director – Véolia Propreté

Veolia Propreté was looking for years for a mobile solution. Nomalys is the only company to satisfy our requirements in terms of consistency, performance in the field and data security.

Philippe GANDER

Manager – Orange

The graphical navigation is incredible ! The visualization star around the customer or the person sought is a real bonus : it gives an excellent panoramic view and is very easy to use.

Témoignage clients et partenaires Nomalys

Don’t miss your customers

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